Bekkering at the Stamps camp

Henry Bekkering sure is getting some mileage out of his bid to make the CFL's Calgary Stampeders as a monster slotback. The above story in the Calgary Sun joked about the Stamps trying to hang on a nickname on high-leaping Hank -- Calgary quarterback Henry Burris suggested calling him "YouTube."

I'll straight-up admit I don't know how CFL personnel people put together a roster, especially with the import ratio. The other Canadian receivers in the Stamps' camp are veteran Ryan Thelwell, Brett Ralph, who's also a contributor on special teams, and former McGill star Greg Hetherington, who saw limited action as a rookie last season. Hetherington, by process of elimination, might be the one Bekkering's competing with for a job. The Stamps could try to compromise by keeping Bekkering as a practice squadder.

Still, it's a helluva story.
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  1. As you pointed out, it may be tough for Bekkering to make the squad. Thelwell is a very good receiver: I was always impressed by him during his time with the Lions. Ralph is a versatile veteran, so I doubt he's going anywhere, and Hetherington's got a big experience edge on Bekkering from his play in college and the pros. In his favour, though, the team seems to be quite high on him. He's definitely one of those longer-term project guys, so even if he doesn't crack the squad this year, I'd think there's still a chance he'll play in the CFL down the road. You have to admit, it would nice to have a guy who your quarterback could consistently throw a jump ball to with a high probability of success.