Football: Giguère going to Colts' main camp

Samuel Giguère, by his own reckoning, held his own during an Indianapolis Colts mini-camp last week and will be invited back to the main camp.

Some Googlizing turned up a post from Pro Football Weekly where a Colts insider " noted that undrafted rookie WR Sam Giguere out of Canada has been a revelation. Nonetheless, he faces an uphill battle to earn a roster spot."

That's all you want is a chance, right? The Colts open their main training camp on July 24.

(Incidentally in the article linked below,, Giguère lists Ottawa Gee-Gees QB Josh Sacobie as one of the players who's impressed him the most. If only the NFL prospect's words carried some weight with the American coaches and front-office people in the CFL, eh.)

Une expérience indescriptible (; BabelFish translation)
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