3 B.C. schools shoot for CIS membership

Word from the West Coast is that three B.C. universities are vying move up from the college ranks, along with the UNBC Timberwolves:
"UNBC does have competition for CIS membership. Nanaimo’s Vancouver Island University (formerly Malaspina University College) and Kelowna's UBC Okanagan are also shooting for spots in the CIS. Both schools may include basketball on their application forms.'No one is really showing their hand,' McNamara said. 'We won’t really know, I guess, until the applications are in.'

"If UNBC's effort to step into the CIS is not successful this time around, the window of opportunity will close for a long period of time. As it stands right now, the CIS will not accept applications again until 2012, and that would push UNBC's potential first game in Canada West back to 2014."

The more the merrier, I guess. Meantime, since UBC has an apparent aversion to playing against the smaller schools, this might only hasten its push to join the NCAA. Suffice to say, Canada West could look very different in about five years' time.

CIS the official goal (Jason Peters, Prince George Citizen)
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