Football: Canadian QB Orban among 'Riders cuts

It would be nice, just once, to have a rush of cynicism when the CFL cutdowns are posted.

Regina Rams QB Teale Orban became the latest Canadian passer who probably didn't have snowball's chance in May of making a CFL team, getting released by the Saskatchewan Roughriders.

It's been said before and it's been said again -- the CFL needs to get more Canadian in the coaching and front-office ranks and at the skill positions if it's going to ward off the NFL challenge. It's been steadily devolving into a branch-plant league for our branch-plant country.

Other players who were cut and can potentially return to their schools are Queen's RB Mike Giffin and Laurier WR-KR Dante Luciani. There's apparently a strong possibility Luciani will stay on the Edmonton Eskimos practice roster.
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