Hoops: Dal assistant taking RMC's reins

RMC's looked down east for a saviour for its men's basketball team, with Scott James set to come aboard after five seasons as an assistant for the Dalhousie Tigers.

Having a coach who can recruit on the East Coast, where young people are typically more open to the notion of a career in the military, might help the Paladins become competitive again. The team is 1-65 in the OUA since the start of 2005-06; if James can get the program back in the playoffs, he'll probably be able to write his own ticket for another top job in a few seasons' time, not unlike former Paladins coach Craig Norman, who's now at McGill.

James takes RMC’s head job (Chad Lucas, Halifax Herald)
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  1. The team is 1-65 in the OUA since the start of 2005-06

    And the winner (loser?) is...Lakehead!

  2. No! I guess that was before the "great group of dudes"?

  3. Ah, nope, must have been during that era. They don't look so great now, do they?

  4. While you're talking about coach swapping, I note Matt Skinn is leaving U of C and heading to SFX..


    What will the Dinos do without him?