Hoops: Quarterfinal: Acadia vs. Laval

Last minute of the game and we should have a great ending here. Laval's down by 4. Morin's not in the game with Acadia starting off with the ball and 29 seconds left.

Berry to the line for two and he sinks both; he's perfect from the line tonight, so far. That's probably it right there, despite the effort from Laval. Player of the Game: Leonil Saintil, with a nod to Shawn Berry.

Excellent game after a shaky start. That's the third consecutive lower-seed win in the quarterfinals, but don't expect that to continue tonight. Too bad The Score has wrestling instead of Carleton-Alberta; I know what I'd prefer to see right now.


9:30 - It's now a seven point game. Acadia out-rebounded the Rouge et Or 13-4 on the offensive side through three.

8:30 - Now a five point lead for Acadia. Laval stops Saintil from sinking one down low; excellent D so far in this quarter.

8:14 - Saintil's so good, he can will the officials to call fouls when they probably shouldn't. He only sinks one and now it gets physical. No charge, instead a turnover by Laval.

7:11 - 65-59. Morin still on the bench while Laval's D keeps them close.

6:40 - Announcers are raving about the timing of Laval's timeout as they make it a four-point game. Don't know what game I was watching back then, but Laval has definitely turned it up.

5:44 - Acadia goes back on top, 70-61. Beaulieu Maheux immediately sinks a three and the Axemen are stopped inside yet again.

4:25 - Saintil isn't the first guy Laval wants to see at this point, but he checks back in.

3:37 - Laval transitions into a three-ball for Beaulieu-Maheux, but Shawn Berry picks up the basket and one. 74-67.

2:14 - 74-71. Here we go. Berry pushes off and makes it a five point lead.

1:48 - Saintil steals it, goes all the way for two more. Acadia by 7 on the huge play. Nearing the end here.

1:12 - Acadia by 6 as they run off the clock. Berry might have put on ice with the offensive rebound and layup. He's at 22 points on the night. The rest of the fourth quarter is at the top of this post.


9:06 remaining - Berry draws a foul--kind of a phantom call there; nothing's going Laval's way. 43-28 after another pair.

8:42 - Gagnon-Hebert checks in and takes one of two from the line. Second shot missed, but picked up by Laval.

8:10 - Morin with another good play and we're at 45-34.

7:15 - 49-34 after another Saintil special.

5:54 - Saintil grabbing boards left and right and Acadia's up 51-37.

5:34 - Turcotte-Routhier checks back in and man, Saintil's a player.

5:11 - Berry sinks both from the line. 55-37 and I think we know where this one's going to end up.

4:45 - Looks like Laval tried to pull a fast one. Cote fouled but a better FT man went to the line. Apparently Saintil picked up on it, even if the officials didn't.

3:18 - Laval's collapsed down inside and Acadia has plenty of time to work it around the perimeter. Four fouls for Morin and it's 59-42 Acadia.

2:30 - Laval dribbles it off a foot and out of play. Timeout called; the Rouge et Or seem like they're giving up, or at least drained.

2:06 - Baribeau tries to go coast-to-coast and doesn't bring it home. Acadia tries a court-length pass and it doesn't work.

1:18 - Beaulieu Maheux certainly has enough energy left. Doesn't draw the foul and it's 62-46. Not much progress from the Rouge et Or since the timeout.

0:30 - 62-51. Well, I'm happy to be wrong, if it means the fourth will be exciting.

0:00 - Laval picks up another at the end and it's a nine point lead for the Axemen after three.


9:25 - Saintil accidentally gives Laval a reset and it's 20-11.

8:14 - The Axemen taking advantage of some miscues, with Santana and Saintil closing the gap.

7:38 - 20-20 now. Laval still missing all over the place; Saintil's rebounds prove useful for the other side.

7:06 - Morin can play D, too. Laval can't convert, though, and we trade turnovers again.

6:15 - Saintil scraps out two more and Acadia takes the lead (11-2 run).

5:54 - Back to Saintil. He picks up the plus-one and it's 25-20.

5:11 - Bit of a collision but no nosebleed. Missed the name of the unlucky Laval player. 27-20. Another TV timeout.

4:23 - 27-23, actually. Kraus sinks two from the line and it's 28-23.

4:06 - Can someone at The Score please enlarge the box? Ticker at the bottom looks great, but I want to know the score without using a microscope.

3:47 - Well, everyone saw that. Verrault wth the big-time rejection.

3:27 - Morin picks up two more, 31-24.

2:07 - Things are picking up now. Acadia 35, Laval 29.

1:21 - Nine point lead becomes 11. Laval's not looking good lately.

0:00 - 28-10, Acadia outscored Laval in that quarter. 39-28 at the half.

And I can give my eyes a break from squinting. Seriously, the box is way too small.


7:54 remaining - Both teams are kind of shaky so far. Nerves? Laval's turned it over a few times and Acadia's missing more than you'd expect. 3-2 Acadia.

4:43 - Not the best basketball I've ever seen so far. Seems like both sides are just shooting once they reach the arc, and more balls have landed in the seats than in the basket. 10-8 Laval, somehow, as we take a TV timeout.

1:03 - Morin twinkle-toes his way to two more. Laval's taken advantage of the Morin double-team, though, and both teams are now connecting on passes if not any shots in the paint.

0:00 - 18-11 for the Rouge et Or after ten. Not seeing a lot inside from Acadia; Laval's big men are doing their jobs so far.


Brock and Western have already advanced, and having not seen those first two games, I'm nonetheless comfortable calling this the game of the day. Two good teams here. We'll see if the Axemen can one-up the Huskies after their tough loss last Sunday and advance to the final 4.

Looks like the winner plays Carleton, though...but still, after today, it will likely be three Ontario teams plus one of these two.

Neate's right about deferring to CISHoops.ca, but there aren't any "ant overlords" from where I sit, so settle back for some 5-on-5 once The Score finishes their not-quite-Prime Time Sports radio/TV mashup.
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  1. In less serious matters, the much-anticipated Battle of the Halftime University Commercials probably goes to UPEI by default. Western brought the quantity, but also a very vague message.