Hoops: A good idea to pass off...

Deferring to cishoops.ca's coverage of the Final 8 seems like the wiser choice -- Mark Wacyk and an army of hundreds should have it covered pretty well. Meantime, I'll call attention to some linkage from this morning.
  • Streaming Sports Network Canada (ssncanada.ca) got some major pub today with a mention in the Toronto Star.
  • Colleague Chris Stevenson, as he always does, lends some perspective on Carleton's success, putting against a backdrop of parity-happy pro sports. (Who would have known, if not for Chris, that Senators coach Bryan Murray coached a little basketball in his day?)
    My contributions to the Sun's coverage consist of a feature on the newly minted Mike Moser Memorial Trophy winner, Aaron Doornekamp of Carleton (in both tabloid and broadsheet form), plus a feature on the "glue" of the Ravens, point guard Ryan Bell.

I'll check in from time to time here and at Out of Left Field, but duty to the ant overlords come first. And hobknobbing. Lots and lots of hobknobbing.

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