Hockey: Smith named first-team all-Canadian

It got almost no attention (and hell, we're just getting to it here two days later), but attention must be paid when it comes to Lakehead defenceman Jordan Smith becoming an all-Canadian two years after his losing his left eye while playing for the Anaheim Ducks farm team.

Not to cornball it up, but talk about a story of overcoming pain and loss. Smith, if he hadn't suffered his injury and been unable to continue playing pro hockey, probably would have had a chance to take a regular shift with the Ducks' 2006-07 Stanley Cup championship team, but apparently he hasn't let that twist of fate defeat him nor define him.

(Incidentally, speaking of that part of North America, a Thunder Bay girl, Haley Irwin, got the first goal in Minnesota-Duluth's 4-0 win over Wisconsin in the NCAA women's championship game today. A tip of the cap is due to the four Canadian goal scorers and the Swedish goalie, Kim Martin, who led the Bulldogs to U.S. hockey supremacy.

Emmanuelle Blais of Lasalle, Que., Sara O’Toole of Burton, N.B., and Karine Demeule of Montreal scored the other goals.)
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