Hoops: The final cishoops.ca Top 10

It's been fun doing this poll this year and big thanks goes to Mark Wacyk, Wayne Kondro of the Ottawa Citizen and Neil Foshay from St. Francis Xavier University for hooking it all up.

It's no surprise that the Alberta Golden Bears and UBC Thunderbirds are the high risers after last weekend's Canada West Final Four.
  1. Carleton (1)
  2. UBC (6)
  3. Acadia (4)
  4. Brandon (3)
  5. Alberta (NR)
  6. St. FX (8)
  7. Laval (10)
  8. Ottawa (7)
  9. Calgary (2)
  10. Western (NR)

Dropping out: Windsor, Toronto
Also receiving votes: Cape Breton 50, Windsor 38, Toronto 32, Brock 21, Saint Mary's 16, Concordia 4.

There probably should be a post to go up over whether it's time to re-examine opening up the national championship to more than eight teams again. Anyone who has any thoughts, don't hesititate to shoot an e-mail to neatesager@yahoo.ca or neate.sager@sunmedia.ca.

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