Hoops: Bobcats have list of 3

This is being written without inside knowledge of what's going on, but the release out of Brandon could be spin this way: Bobcats coach Mike Raimbault is essentially interviewing for his own job.

This isn't a total shock. Raimbault, who's in his mid-20s, had the interim tag after Barnaby Craddock left for the Fraser Valley job last spring; perhaps there was an understanding. The knee-jerk impulse would be to believe they'd keep him, but BU is bringing in Thom Gillespie, who had some good seasons at New Brunswick, and former Bobcats player Keith Vassell, who like Craddock, cut his coaching teeth in Europe.

We'll see what Swatter and Larks over The Scrum have to say in the days to come.
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