Hoops: Final 8 in numbers

Leaving the real analysis to more-informed people, here's some numerical context for this weekend's games. This may be helpful if you're clueless about some of the Final 8 teams like a certain Ontario-based university student.

Average points scored and allowed per game (sorted by differential)
1-Carleton, 85-60
5-Acadia, 87-66
4-Laval, 81-69
2-UBC, 85-75
8-Alberta, 84-76
7-Brock, 79-72
3-Saint Mary's, 84-77
6-Western, 79-75

Carleton, Acadia, and Saint Mary's sport the best offenses among this group when you compare to their conference average, though you don't need to solve a math problem to know Dave Smart's boys are really good. On the other side of the ball, it's Carleton and Acadia again. (Somewhat interestingly, the Ravens and Axemen were also 1-2 in rebound differential.) To paraphrase Jerry Howarth, Acadia-Laval tomorrow night should be a honey of a game.

Among the CIS top scorers in the tournament, we have Laval's J.P. Morin, of course, with 24.5 points per game as well as his teammate and 2006-2007 Rookie of the Year Jean-Francois Beaulieu-Maheux (19.4). Alberta's Alex Steele checks in with 21.0; Mark McLaughlin of Saint Mary's scored 19.0 and is one of two AUS All-Stars in the Final 8. Curious about Carleton? Stu Turnbull and Aaron Doornekamp are both in the 15-16 range.

The list of high-percentage shooters is a little different, as you might expect. A pair of standouts are Marc-Andre Cote and Ikeobi Uchegbu, who connected on 59% and 57% of their shots, respectively. There were also a lot of guys at 55%. From beyond the arc, watch out for Mustang Jason Milliquet (52-for-121), Axeman Peter Leighton (39-for-87) and Beaulieu-Maheux (41-for-91).

Also keep an eye on Acadia's Leonel Saintil who set a record for most rebounds in a season with 277 in 20. He and Morin each topped 10 per game.

By the way, big ups to Carleton for their Final 8 media guide, available here. If every team went to this much effort, it would be laughably easy to cover the CIS.
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