Sunshine is the best ... you know the rest

The emergence of a blog culture among CIS followers might, lord willing, might force the national assocation and the conferences -- actually, one conference in particularly -- to update its record-keeping.

Our man Mr. Mirtle has a story at that touches on the CIS' inability to verify when Saskatchewan Huskies hoops star Andrew Spagrud will break the national men's basketball scoring record.

In the same vein, Greg Layson from the Guelph Mercury has been very vocal on his blog about inaccurate and incorrect statistics impairing his ability to do his job professionally. CFRC Sports, which is dedicated to covering Queen's teams, is also starting to beat the drum, pointing out that between the CIS and OUA websites, there are basically two sets of statistics for each team. Basically, anyone who cares enough about university sports to write about it has griped about it at some point, if not publicly.

So, memo to the people in charge, wake up! You're essentially cutting a hole in your own pocket by ticking off the people who are passionate about your league and by not making better use of your website. Go spend some time over at U.S. College Hockey Online or and see how it should be done.

The current was a fine website in 1996, but in 2008 it looks dated. Considering that websites are becoming big moneymakers for NCAA schools, it's curious why there is no apparent move to address this.
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