A room of one's own for Waterloo

The Waterloo Warriors have put an end to a great running joke by seeking to have their own football field.

UW students used to refer to rival Laurier as the "high school down the street," to which Laurier students would retort, "So why do you have to play at our football stadum?"

Point being, Waterloo coach Dennis McPhee and the admins probably feel a change of scenery could help improve the program's image. Imagine being a player and having to bus over to play at the other school's stadium. It also looks bad, to an observer, when you read game reports for Waterloo's home game and see the attendance reported at 800 fans, knowing that on the previous Saturday, Laurier had 4,000-5,000 people out to the same stadium.

Plans are preliminary, but Waterloo is talking an intimate setting, with capacity for 1,500 fans. It's a chance for Waterloo to create a unique setting for CIS football, so wish them well.

UW ditches stadium for its own digs (Christine Rivet, K-W Record)
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  1. In the meantime it appears that plan B in Ottawa has fallen through, as Plan A did earlier. Building a stadium where the Sandy Hill arena is has run into to many obstacles from local stakeholders--the City, the NCC, local residents.
    Do not know if a plan C is in the works, but in the meantime, the uncertain future of Frank Clair stadium is of concern to the Gee Gees.