NCAA opens door for UBC

In a landmark decision the NCAA has voted to allow Canadian universities to apply for membership and the University of British Columbia is set to do so. The vote was 97% in favour (258 for, 9 against, 2 abstentions).

The move paves the way for Canadian schools like UBC to join the Division 2 of the National Collegiate Athletic Association within the next three years.
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  2. Basically, this is like a white paper.

    We'll see where it goes. It's definitely worth looking into. If it's just a smokescreen so the CIS will allow more spending on scholarships, that wouldn't be such a terrible thing.

  3. It will be interesting to see what will happen with this: as Neate pointed out, it's possible that the CIS will up the ante in terms of scholarships. I think it's more likely that some of the bigger schools will follow UBC and take this jump, though: even Division II has a fair amount of prestige in Canada, probably more than the CIS, and the ability of teams to play up a division in one men's and one women's sport is a huge bonus for schools that want to compete with the best in the U.S. in sports where Canada can handle that (volleyball's probably the best example).

  4. Women's hockey would be a better example... 13 of the top 20 scorers in the NCAA are Canadian girls and a well-run program could have comparable attendances most of the D-1 schools, which average 500-800 fans, save in Wisconsin and Minnesota.