Duelling Top 10s; a second-half surge of sorts

The value of cishoops.ca launching a weekly media poll is borne out in the second half of the duelling Top 10s.

The U of T Varsity Blues, who are bit of an upstart team, swap spots with a more traditional power, UBC, in the 5-7 slots. The writers and TV guys also bumped Windsor and Cape Breton up up a slot, while giving more credence to Laval, which is playing the best basketball in the Quebec conference.

For the record, here's the media and coaches' polls, side by side:
  1. Carleton / Carleton
  2. Brandon / Brandon
  3. Calgary / Calgary
  4. Acadia / Acadia
  5. Toronto / UBC
  6. Ottawa / Ottawa
  7. UBC / Toronto
  8. Cape Breton / Brock
  9. Windsor / Cape Breton
  10. Laval / Windsor

Also receiving votes in the media poll: Brock (49), Alberta (27), UVic (15), St. FX (7), Concordia (7) and Saskatchewan (1).

Also receiving votes in the coaches' poll: Laval (62), Concordia (53), Alberta (15), Western (5), Guelph (4)

The media only ranks 12 teams, while the coaches rank 15, which explains the disparity in support for Concordia.

Again, a hat tip to Mark Wayck, Wayne Kondro of the Ottawa Citizen and Neil Foshay from St. FX for pulling this together.

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