Hoops: New Top 10 out; Toronto finally ranked

What to like about the Top 10:
  • Calgary is No. 2, at last.
  • Cape Breton stayed in despite a loss last weekend to Dalhousie. The Capers look like a very solid team
  • Toronto is finally ranked.

What not to like about the Top 10:

  • Concordia stays in at No. 7 while Alberta gets the boot. The Golden Bears were dropped after losing to Manitoba, but as cishoops.ca notes in reference to No. 3 Acadia, a loss to the Bisons should be "less impactful on the negative side. )

    Guelph, which was No. 6 last week, probably had to be dropped after losing twice. However, their game were both decided by single digits, while Concordia lost its only game by 23 points to Laval. So why do they fall so much farther than the Stingers
  • Where is Victoria?

Worth noting

  • Brock appears at No. 8 -- and they are one of the top 10 teams in the country this week -- but they did lose earlier this season to No. 9 Toronto.

Five games to circle:

  1. Tuesday: St. FX-Saint Mary's
  2. Friday: UBC-Victoria
  3. Saturday: Windsor-Brock
  4. Saturday night: Calgary-Brandon
  5. Sunday: Cape Breton-Acadia

Here's the full list, with each team's cishoops.ca and RPI ranking in brackets. The "AC" stands for the teams that Mark Wacyk also considered in his top 10.

  1. Carleton (1, 1): at Laurentian, York
  2. Calgary (2, 2): at Regina, No. 5 Brandon
  3. Acadia (3, 14): UPEI, Cape Breton
  4. UBC (6, 7): Simon Fraser, at Victoria
  5. Brandon (5, 6): Lethbridge, Calgary
  6. Ottawa (8, 5): at Laurentian, York
  7. Concordia (NR, 18): Has a bye, which could help them heal
  8. Brock (AC, 15): Waterloo, Windsor
  9. U of T (7, 3): RMC, Queen's
  10. Cape Breton (4, 9): Dal, at Acadia
  11. Guelph (AC, 13): at Laurier, home to Western
  12. Alberta (AC, 4): Simon Fraser, Trinity Western
  13. Saint Mary's (9, 11): St. FX, UNB and UPEI, all at home
  14. Windsor (10, 12): at Western, at Brock
  15. Victoria (AC, 10): home to UBC

Wacyk also considered St. FX (8th in RPI) and Laval (20th).

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1 comment:

  1. I can't agree more with your dislike of Concordia's placement: teams that lost last week actually moved UP in the rankings !!Alberta splits and is tossed??? They have lost 6 games this year...3 to Calgary, 1 to Carleton, 1 to the Huskies and the recent one to Manitoba: they have beaten Brandon, Ottawa,Victoria, Calgary and yet the Stingers get the Coach's respect?? The CIS fraternity had better wake up or lookout for more losses to NCAA.