Shake-up at The Score might affect CIS fans

"Anthony Cicione is out as head of programming and production at The Score. Channel vice-president David Errington describes it as an amicable split, but sources say the highly regarded executive was at odds with the direction owner John Levy wanted to take." -- Chris Zelkovich, Toronto Star

It's worth noting that Cicione was apparently one of the movers behind the emphasis The Score has placed on its University Rush coverage, not only covering more games but promoting it well on the network. Any time you lose someone who's been an ally to CIS fans, it's worrisome.

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  1. I think the proposed "MuchMusic style" programming shift (according to William Houston of the Globe) is another bad omen for the CIS programming on the score: university sport and MuchMusic don't really mesh in my mind.

  2. Plus the people who work at MuchMusic; typically, have they even been on a university campus?