Hockey: CIS tandem sporting the Maple Leaf

Two CIS players, Laurier's Andrea Bevan and McGill's Catherine Ward, both defenders, will play for Team Canada at the upcoming European Air Canada Cup under-22 women's hockey tournament in Ravensburg, Germany.

York's Dan Church is coach, with Regina's Sarah Howald serving as an assistant coach.

The tournament begins Jan. 2. Canada typically has won with little difficulty -- it outscored opponents 32-1 at last year's event.
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  1. I actually interviewed Ward over the phone when they were in Germany last year.

    It's really unfortunate women's hockey isn't more competitive globally. The fact that there's a legitimate argument for taking it out of the Olympics is just sad.

  2. well, if you compare to the scores from the first few men's tournaments in the '20s, when Canada would send the Varsity Grads or whoever.... although that's really a weak argument.

    Something like the world U17 challenge format, with Canada split into regions, would be a lot more entertaining.