From McGill to Ridgemont High

A lesser-known fact about famed Southern California sportscaster Stu Nahan, who died yesterday at age 81: He was a goalie for the McGill Redmen in his younger days.

Since being a movie buff and a sports fan is a relatively easy crossover, there's a whole generation that probably remembers Nahan more for his cameo appearances in the Rocky movies and in Fast Times at Ridgemont High.

I was aware Nahan had played professional hockey (there's a reference to it in one of Magic Johnson's autobiographies), but didn't know about his ties to Canada, much less McGill, until reading it in his AP obituary. Between Mike Babcock coaching the Detroit Red Wings, former hoops coach Kevin O'Neill now coaching a top NCAA D-1 team at Arizona and Mathieu Darche getting a regular shift with the Tampa Bay Lightning, McGill alums are ending up in high places in the sports world.
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