From the belly series, to the series of tubes

Sign of the times: Courtney Stephen, whom the Toronto Star recently feted as the best high school footballer in the GTA, has his own eponymous website for recruiters to check out, complete with YouTube clips.

Stephen, from Turner Fenton Secondary in Brampton, looks like the type of prospect that the recruiting mags and websites list as an AT -- as in athlete -- instead of a formal football position. I can't fake a knowledge of what makes a football player and am fully aware Stephen's team didn't play in the top tier of Toronto high school ball, but he looks like he could be something once he fills out a bit.

High school standouts Stateside having clips on YouTube is nothing new (if you're a serious football nut, go look up Reggie Bush from his Helix High days), but it seems new to Canada.

It certainly can't hurt Stephen's prospects. Someone else who could get a scholarship out of this is Turner Fenton's fullback, who should be accepted into Juilliard on the strength of the acting job he did convincing the defence that Stephen might actually hand off on those triple option plays.

Here's hoping Stephen finds what he needs in Canada, but if he goes to the NCAA, all the best to him.

Stephen turning heads with punishing brand of football (David Grossman, Toronto Star, Dec. 21)
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