Big Mac Attack in OUA hockey?

It looks like there is a movement to address one of the longer-standing anomalies in the CIS -- the lack of a hockey program at McMaster.

I've always thought it was sort of amusing that Mac didn't have hockey teams, though not in any mean way. Mac is one of the largest universities in the entire country. It enjoys a strong alumni base and the Marauders seem to be viewed as more of a home team than many other CIS schools are in their respective cities. Both Marauders basketball teams have achieved national prominence (and yes, paraphrasing a Mordecai Richler character, their football team was world-famous all over Southern Ontario), but the lack of a campus arena has put the kibosh on having hockey teams.

Former McMaster chancellor Mel Hawkrigg is one of the movers and shakers. The Hamilton Spectator also noted the owner of the AHL's Bulldogs, Michael Andlauer, is at least intrigued by the possibility. By most accounts, Andlauer is a true Hamilton guy and he can make this happen.

This is way down the road with respect to McMaster, but men's hockey does offer a fast track to success and the good publicity that brings to the school brand. Carleton has been competitive in its first season and Lakehead was a near-instant success a few years ago.

(And who knows? Perhaps Frank D'Angelo would try to enrol at Mac as a mature student so he can try out as a goaltender.)

Link via Guelph Mercury scribe Greg Layson's Big Man on Campus, a new addition to the blogroll.
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