Bold predictions...

Write this down: On The FAN 590's 1-4 p.m. show, host Roger Lajoie was asking people to call in with their sports prediction for the new year.

No word of a lie of all the topics available, the first caller (Trevor from Brampton) choose to makea this fearless prediction: "The U of T will end its losing streak against York next season. It took a miracle for York to win that game last season."

Lajoie was quick to clarify that the caller doesn't play for U of T, but it would be worth betting on. The Lions, who seem to be in a perpetual uproar, barely beat the Blues 21-20 last season on a last-minute field goal by Stephen Grochot, and the program might have a new coach next season. (The job has been posted.)

So there you have it, recorded for posterity, exactly 10 months in advance. The Red and Blue Bowl is typically played in Week 5 of the season, so it would fall on Sept. 28. Has anything historic in Canadian sport ever happened on that day?
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