Sacobie vs. Lee, Part 2

"But most impressive was Jamall Lee of Bishop's. The third-year running back from Port Coquitlam, B.C., shattered the Quebec conference single-season rushing record, running for 1,464 yards, an average of 183 a game.

Lee, who carried a conference-record 181 times and ran for 12 touchdowns, should be a unanimous pick as nominee for the Hec Crighton Trophy as the outstanding player in the country."
-- Randy Phillips, Montreal Gazette

This goes back to a post I wrote last year at Out of Left Field after the uproar when Windsor's Daryl Stephenson became the seventh straight OUA player to win the Hec. The CIS needlessly creates the wrong kind of controversy -- the kind that stems from confusion -- by not hyping the Hec well enough nationally.

The way it's done currently, a a talented sportswriter in Montreal such as Mr. Phillips might not know enough about a worthy candidate in another conference such as Ottawa's Josh Sacobie or Calgary's Anthony Woodson.

The CIS should adopt something like the NCAA does with the Hobey Baker Memorial Award in college hockey. The coaches vote during the season to identify 10 candidates. Then a panel of media members and pro scouts whittle it down to three finalists and the award is presented at the national championship.

It would be a lot more fun and informative for the funs and the media. It would stop sportswriters from spreading misinformation like saying Lee will be a "unanimous pick" for the Hec Crighton.

Let's be clear: Lee, the Little Miss Sunshine of CIS running backs, has an excellent shot of winning. If he does, it would be an awfully close vote over Sacobie. The Gee-Gees QB is just as much statistically without peer among CIS quarterbacks as Lee is among runners and there is a tendency to reward senior stars on top teams.

Remember, Little Miss Sunshine didn't win the Oscar for Best Picture either.

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1 comment:

  1. I'm not sure I agree with you a hundred percent on your police work, there, Neate.

    As I read it, Randy Phillips wrote: should be a unanimous pick as nominee for the Hec Crighton Trophy.

    Had he said "unanimous pick for the Hec...", you would have a point. However, he said nominee - i.e. QUFL Player of the Year. And I think (although I'm admittedly biased) there's little question of that.