Hec Crighton goes to SMU's Erik Glavic

Saint Mary's quarterback Erik Glavic is the Hec Crighton Trophy winner.

It's a good choice; certainly, sorting between SMU's scrambling sophomore, the country's most efficient passer, Ottawa Gee-Gees QB Josh Sacobie, and record-setting runner in Bishop's Jamall Lee is a nice problem to for the coaches who picked the award. What tipped it to Glavic, from a coach's mindset, is the thought of having to game plan for a true dual-threat quarterback who can run and pass. Throw in the early exit of Sacobie and Lee's teams, Saint Mary's run to the Vanier Cup and that cinched it for Glavic.

There's also no denying that there might have been a mindset going in that really, it was high time to give the award to a player from outside the OUA.

Glavic, who's 6-foot-6 and sufficiently light on his feet to moonlight with the Saint Mary's basketball team, might be the most physically impressive athlete in the CIS. That's not enough to be the Hec Crighton winner, but he averaged more than 9 yards per pass and had a 16-to-5 TD-to-interception ratio while being sacked just twice in the regular season. He held his own in their toughest regular-season games vs. Concordia and at Laval, too.

(It would be nice to know what The Score, which is announcing the awards tonight, thinks of being scooped by its own broadcast partner. Somehow, someway, the story is on the CIS website, dated for tomorrow no less. It might be a leak or a boo-boo, but I miss the part where that's my problem.

UPDATE: 5:38 p.m. -- the story no longer appears on the website.)

Incidentally, how'd you like to be Sasha Glavic, Erik's brother? He played with the 2006 winner, Daryl Stephenson; and would have also defended against the 2002-03, '04 and '05 winners, Tom Denison, Jesse Lumsden and Andy Fantuz. It's also possible that as a rookie in '02, Glavic might have played against the 2000 winner, Kojo Aidoo.

CIS football awards: Glavic captures Hec Crighton Trophy (cisport.ca)
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