2007 Vanier Cup

Friday, Nov. 23, 2007 at 7:30 PM
Rogers Centre, Toronto

I'm not sure what we have planned here, but if possible, there'll be a game day blog. Consider this the game thread for the Vanier Cup, though, and post away in the comments.

I'll have updates as they come — but first I'll have to finish my dead-tree medium piece for the day.

1 p.m. UPDATE Here's a preview piece on the expected crowd turnout for the Vanier, and if organizers are worried about the game being lost in the Grey Cup hullabaloo.

The next time I weigh in could be from Rogers Centre.

7 p.m. UPDATE High above the field, in the press box, it's a pretty packed house on hand to cover this game. The turnout thus far in the stands is sparse, but it's still a half hour until kickoff (and besides why would anyone leave the Rider Nation party down the street early?).

Not much to report really. They're showing The Score's pregame show on the big screen here, and the coverage was, once again, pretty impressive. It's great to see the network cover this game like any other big-time sporting event.

Both the teams are currently on the field warming up, likely trying to get used to just how noisy it is in here (and they haven't seen anything yet on that front). Manitoba has a full cheerleading squad here, which is pretty impressive.

7:14 UPDATE Oh, my mistake: Saint Mary's has a cheerleading squad here, too. I'm afraid I'm too far away to report any more on that front.

It's still empty in here. I feel bad for the real hardcores who forked over $30 a ticket to sit in the 500 level even though there are plenty of great seats in the lower bowl that look like they'll go unused.
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