A few words from Constantin

I just spoke with Laval coach Glen Constantin and a few Rouge et Or players, who are in Halifax preparing for tomorrow's Uteck bowl against Saint Mary's.

What follows are the thoughts from Constantin on the Huskies, and specifically their quarterback Erik Glavic:

I think, firstly, we're going to see pretty much the same thing [as their regular season meeting] because we played them late in the season. Obviously, like every team, they're going to have some wrinkles here and there, not necessarily trick plays, but different formations, but the core will be the same.

They're going to dance with what brought them there, you know?

I think we matchup fairly well. I think we're a strong run defence, they seem to rely a lot on their running game. Where the challenge resides is basically in the way, with what happens on second down when a passing play goes sour on them, then that's when the Glavic factor kind of kicks in. We need to be very disciplined and respect our rush lanes and play the full down, avoid the second play because he scrambles so much.

We need to pursue the whole down, we need to lockup with receivers as he's scrambling. We've seen a lot of scrambling quarterbacks this season, but contrary to the other ones, he's very poised and he's patient and when he runs, he almost tries to run to pass the ball.

I'd rather play a really, really good running back because you know he's going to play a certain play, a certain direction, but [Glavic is] like a wild card, he can run everywhere, and even when he's going forward, he can throw the ball.

He's 6-foot-6, 225, but he looks very thin. But he apparently weighs 225. But he looks very, very lean. I had him on Team Canada at the world championships, he was our quarterback ... the offensive people didn't play him very much. Now I'm looking and [thinking] 'what were we doing, you know?' I didn't really get to see him very much.

I don't think we knew that Erik could scramble like that.

He's a special kid. He reminds me a lot of the Chris Flynn, Phil Cote type of guys that are great leaders and they take it up on themselves to win games. It's always fun to play those kind of athletes.

End quotes.

Constantin also said that the team's backup quarterback, Cesar Sanchez-Hernandez, would be getting the start, likely all the way to the Vanier Cup, as starter Benoit Groulx continues to have problems with a high ankle sprain suffered midseason.

Should be a heckuva game tomorrow.
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