Hoops: No bench, no problem

Generally, you might hear about this happening in small-town high school basketball, but not in the collegiate ranks: The Cape Breton Capers won last night, 72-67 at home over Saint Mary's, despite using just six players -- including a freshman at point guard -- in the entire game.

The Capers were, to quote Ulysses S. McGill, in a tight spot coming in. Paul Blake and Phil N'Nkrumah, two of their starters, are out with injuries. Another player, Jonathan Wyse, was charged with mischief this week in relation to a vandalism incident on university property, so he wasn't available.

Still, out of that adversity (where is the narrator from NFL Films when we need him?), the Capers pulled of a stunning win. The Huskies provided plenty of help with some yips at the foul line, going 8-for-22. There's no telling much the Cape Breton crowd made concentrating tough for the mainlanders). The freshman at the point, Tremaine Anderson, had 18 points, six assists and four steals, while big man Eric Breland had a double-double.

Saint Mary's, strangely enough, used just seven players, as it did in a game vs. Acadia last week, who also used just seven. However, that's doesn't get Saint Mary's off the hook; they did lose to a team with only six.
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