Football: Week 7 point spreads

There are probably a few people who would take Laval plus-4...

Manitoba at Saskatchewan (too close to call)
Calgary at Alberta (+40)

StFX at Acadia (-32)
Saint Mary's at Mount Allison (+26.5)
York at Toronto (too close to call)
Bishop's at Sherbrooke (-16.5)
Laurier at Western (-19.5)
Windsor at McMaster (-24.5)
Laval at Montreal (+4)
Waterloo at Ottawa (-16)
Queen's at Guelph (+9)
Concordia at McGill (-11.5)
Regina at UBC (+12.5)

Last week had three big misses: McGill over Bishop's, Ottawa over Toronto, and Western over Guelph:

Oct. 4
McMaster at York (+31.5) (actual +40)
Waterloo at Laurier (-11) (actual -12)
Bishop's at McGill (+7) (actual -14)

Oct. 5
Mount Allison at Saint Mary's (-28.5) (actual -36)

Oct. 6
Acadia at StFX (+23.5) (actual +27)
Ottawa at Toronto (-7) (actual +28)
Western at Guelph (+13) (actual -3)
Sherbrooke at Concordia (+6.5) (actual +42)
Queen's at Windsor (+5.5) (actual +17)

Oct. 7
Montreal at Laval (too close to call) (actual: -19)

Together with last year, there have been 68 favourites, and 37 have covered.
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