Football: Week 6 point spreads

Back by popular demand.

McMaster at York (+31.5)
Waterloo at Laurier (-11)
Bishop's at McGill (+7)

Mount Allison at Saint Mary's (-28.5)

Acadia at StFX (+23.5)
Ottawa at Toronto (-7)
Western at Guelph (+13)
Sherbrooke at Concordia (+6.5)
Queen's at Windsor (+5.5)

Montreal at Laval (too close to call)

I will admit I'll be shocked if Waterloo keeps it within 11, and the simplistic method I use here doesn't know anything about Western's QB troubles either, so winning by 13 might be a stretch.

If you're curious how accurate these are: last year we had point spreads for 59 games, and the favourite covered in 31 of them. When the home team was favoured by 10 points or more, they covered 15 of 22 times. Use that information how you will, but please: no wagering.
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1 comment:

  1. Seems your point spread methodology is right on - the 11 point spread in the WLU - Waterloo game was perfect