Hockey: Pete Belliveau "no longer with" Dalhousie hockey

CBC-Radio in the Maritimes and the Halifax Herald are reporting today that Pete Belliveau, the former Dalhousie Tigers men's hockey coach who became the team's general manager back in Christmas, is now "no longer with" the program. CBC cut to the chase and said he was fired. Worse the Herald story has rumours that the CIS is investigating the Dal men's hockey program.
Belliveau’s termination comes on the heels of the university preparing a disclosure to Canadian Interuniversity Sport. Crosby wouldn’t get into specifics pertaining to the disclosure. But an informed source said that the CIS had been investigating the hockey team. It’s unclear what the investigation entailed. “We have spoken to CIS and we are preparing a disclosure,” Crosby said. “It’s a written document (and will be) prepared ideally this week, within the next two (weeks) for sure. “CIS policy, any time a submission has been made, the criteria around that must remain private and we will abide by that,” Crosby added. “I can’t comment to the specifics.”
Charles Crosby is the university spokesman.
What a year for Dal. The university tears down your rink, so the men's hockey team has to move into the venerable Halifax Forum, and share the building with rival Saint Mary's. The women's team is now forced to play an hour away in Truro. The men's head coach created a GM position for himself and hired a new head coach to replace him, and now he's gone. And now apparently the CIS is investigating your program (and I won't go into the unsubstantiated rumours that have dogged the program's recruiting over the years).
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