RSEQness: Not all minds are on football this week

The biggest news after the second week of the Quebec university football season was not about any of the games this week but the terribly scary situation coming out of Bishop's University.

Bishop's defensive lineman Kevin Kwasny is in his fourth year at Bishop's but using his third year of eligibility after missing a year to injury. At halftime of the Gaiters game against Concordia, Kwasny was not complaining and was steady on his feet but later in the break, he was led into the training room by two teammates and started vomiting. The ambulance took him away as players were getting back on the field for the second half.

Kwasny, a Winnipeg native, is still in hospital. He is currently in stable, but critical condition with bleeding on the brain (subdural hematoma). It is not known what play or occurrence caused the injury.

For more on the story (in French) see here. (Sherbrooke Tribune)

#6 Montreal (1-0) @ #1 Laval (1-0) :: 24-14 Laval

The most anticipated game in the Quebec conference was a pretty good game, if unspectacular. When the score was 3-0 Laval, Alexandre Nadeau-Piuze was knocked out of the game momentarily and the Carabins had to go back to Yan Cyr. He promptly threw an interception that was returned 57 yards by Frederic Plesius to make the score 10-0 at the end of the first quarter.

Montreal had two quick touchdown drives to take a 14-10 lead before Laval drove the ball 85 yards to close out the first half and retake a 17-14 advantage.

Laval added a touchdown in the third quarter.

The biggest thing is Laval's rushing defence. After holding Concordia to under 20 yards, they held Rotrand Sene, probably the conference's best back to 29 yards and the Carabins to 44 yards total.

Key Stats:
Bruno Prudhomme (LAV): 23-33, 254 yards, TD
Arnaud Gascon-Nadon (LAV): 3 tackles, 2 sacks
Jonathan Beaulieu-Richard (MTL): 14 tackles (10 solo)

#7 Sherbrooke (1-0) @ McGill (0-1) :: 39-13 Sherbrooke

It was a slow start for Sherbrooke, but Jeremi Doyon-Roch ended up taking control of the game, picking up the QUFL offensive player of the week for his performance against McGill. Ismael Bamba, Simon Charbonneau Campeau and Alexandre Corriveau all had huge games receiving and they overcame their lackluster performance against Bishop's to show themselves against the Redmen.

For McGill, Dallon Kuprowski had a tough time, mustering just over 130 yards and throwing two interceptions. McGill's only touchdown came from their defence - a 41 yard fumble recovery by Alex Hutchison.

Key Stats:
Simon Charbonneau-Campeau (SHE): 8 catches, 131 yards, TD
Jeremi Doyon-Roch (SHE): 26-37, 362 yards, 2 TD
Gabriel Aubry (McG): 5 catches, 62 yards

Concordia (0-1) @ Bishop's (0-1) :: 25-18 Concordia

Concordia came back from a loss to Laval with a great running performance that they were trying to talk about all offseason. 183 yards running for the team, and a bounce back performance from Terrance Morsink and another punt return TD from Kris Robertson that proved to be the difference.

Bishop's got on the board first with a TD pass from Jordan Heather to David Haddrall. Concordia replied with the Robertson return. Sanchez Deschamps caught a pass from Morsink to make the score 22-10. Bishop's got a second touchdown from Heather to Alexander Fox but that was as close as the Gaiters would come.

Key Stats:
Raul Thompson (CON): 8 carries, 58 yards
Max Caron (CON): 10.5 tackles, 1.5 sacks, forced fumble, fumble recover, blocked kick
Jordan Heather (BIS): 25/45, 327 yards, 2 TD, INT
Alexander Fox (BIS): 6 catches, 128 yards, TD

1. LAVAL 2-0
5. BISHOP'S 0-2
6. McGILL 0-2

The Week Ahead:

Saturday, September 17
1pm St F.X (0-1) @ Concordia (1-1) Radio: Team 990, Webcast: SSN
1pm Bishop's (0-2) @ Mount Allison (0-1) TV/Webcast: EastLink
1pm McGill (0-2) @ Acadia (1-0)
1pm Saint Mary's (1-0) @ Montreal (1-1) TV/Webcast: Radio-Canada, Radio: 98.5 FM
7pm Laval (2-0) @ Sherbrooke (2-0) Radio: Quebec800, CHYZ

The AUS has payback on their mind after going 0-4 last season against Quebec teams. Their best chances come from the fact they don't have to play Laval or Sherbrooke. The best interlock game is Montreal-SMU which should feature two ranked teams.

Laval and Sherbrooke is a good battle and it will be interesting to see how Doyon-Roch does against Laval which preys on young quarterbacks.
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  1. They said today that they put Kevin into an induced coma, probably to stop the swelling and to limit the cranial pressure.

    They should have some news in the next 24 hours...