Football: Top 10, Week 2 results

Your quick recap of the games played by the top 10 teams.

  1. Laval (2-0): W 24-14 vs. Montreal. Even Quebec is not distinct enough to avoid the every-team-must-wear-black trend, but thankfully for Laval, their main trend (winning football games) continues without interruption. The Carabins never advanced beyond the Laval 41 in the second half, and were obviously kept scoreless after being down by just a field goal at the half.

  2. Western (2-0): W 48-21 at McMaster. Brian Decker has this one covered.

  3. McMaster (1-1): L 21-48 vs. Western. Lost in the love for the Mustangs is this curious stat from Saturday's game: Western gained 6.3 yards per rush, to Mac's 5.6. Not that much of a difference. It's not all due to score effects, either: up until Western's 107-yard drive in the second quarter, McMaster outrushed them 88-38, and by nearly a yard per play.

  4. Calgary (2-0): W 30-25 vs. UBC. That's two last-minute wins for Calgary now. Weirdly, their game-winning drive (85 yards) did not involve a passing play. These teams combined for 1,076 yards, or about 546 Steven Lumbalas standing on each other's shoulders.

  5. Saskatchewan (2-0): W 33-10 vs. Regina. The 50% pass-completion rate is kind of odd for a team that so thoroughly dominated. Speaking of which...the Rams aren't going to the Vanier Cup, then? Not only did they not score an offensive touchdown, it's hard to call their defensive touchdown "a defensive touchdown" instead of a "hey, there's a ball on the ground—fall on it!" touchdown. It looks like the Adrian Charles one-man show now.

  6. Montreal (1-1): L 14-24 at Laval. Okay, Rotrand Sene can be stopped after all. But Montreal nearly stopped the Rouge et Noir too.

  7. Sherbrooke (2-0): W 39-13 at McGill. They outgained McGill nearly 2 to 1. Not surprising that they were up 25-13 even before icing it in the fourth with two more scores. Our Matt Chesser is risking up to $0 betting that McGill will, in fact, win a game.

  8. Laurier (1-1): L 41-40 vs. Windsor. Canadian football at its finest: trading punts to determine the winner (well, to choose between overtime and a Windsor win). Highlights here. The rouge has been around for decades but Laurier will probably still argue that the rule was brought in too late for them to adjust. This was the only loss by a top-10 team to a non-top-10 team this week.

  9. Saint Mary's (1-0): W 54-14 vs. Mount Allison. Jack Creighton's day, all together, looked like this: sit on the bench, come in, incomplete pass, sack, 9-yard pass, 1-yard rush, 18-yard pass, interception, incomplete, pick-six, back on the bench. Welcome back to Halifax, I guess? Following that second interception, the Mounties led 14-2. You can guess how the rest of the game went.

  10. UBC (1-1): L 30-25 at Calgary. Not sure what to make of this team. They could be 2-0. But they probably qualify as one of those teams that gets in the top 10 simply because you need 10, and you can only choose from 26.
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