Football Top 10: Week 1 recaps

Your quick recap of the first-week games played by the top 10 teams, who went 8-1 this week.

  1. Laval (1-0): W 36-8 at Concordia. 13-6 through three, so it's not as bad for the Stingers as it looks. Still, Laval seems to be (as expected) far and away the best in the Q already: Bruno Prud'Homme completed 21 of 31 for 225, and Concordia's leading rusher had just 13 yards.
  2. Western (1-0): W 86-22 vs. Waterloo. Boy, that just kept going, didn't it? The boxscore is not yet posted on the CIS site — I see they're in midseason form already — but that's probably a good thing for Waterloo football supporters, all three of them. The Western release refers to the "Waterloo Warrior's return" which you might think is a really bad typo, but using the singular to refer to football players on the Waterloo team may not be inaccurate.
  3. McMaster (1-0): W 26-2 at Queen's. This was the closest OUA game played this week. One of our many Mac or Queen's contributors (I think we have 23 people showing their maroon or tricolour pride now) can expand on this one, but even though it was a 24-point win, the Marauders only scored one offensive touchdown. Who kicks a field goal on 3rd down from the 9?
  4. Calgary (1-0): W 35-31 at Manitoba. See Evan's recap. This was nearly an upset for Manitoba. And again, the close field goals, I do not get. Calgary tried one from the 6 and another from the 10.
  5. Saskatchewan (1-0): W 38-7 vs. Alberta. See Evan's recap again. 24-0 at the half. Alberta's only points were on a fumble return, and they gained fewer than four yards per play.
  6. Regina (0-1): L 21-10 vs. UBC. See Evan's recap once more. Is this UBC's typical September win, followed by a 1-6 record over the rest of the season? (I kid, I kid.) Not much of a rushing game from UBC, and nearly 300 yards in penalties combined.
  7. Montreal (1-0): W 24-13 vs. McGill. Rotrand Sene caught a touchdown pass? Can he be stopped? (No. He can't.) The Redmen had a lead for seven minutes, which is eight more than I expected in this game.
  8. Sherbrooke (1-0): W 25-23 at Bishop's. The thunderstorms didn't materialize in Lennoxville, but given that Bishop's fell short of a comeback even when they started a drive on the Sherbrooke 7 (and only got a field goal out of it), it wasn't exactly a sunny opener for the Gaiters. Both teams had their way on offence, though, so the rematch should be entertaining.
  9. Saint Mary's (0-0): Did not play.
  10. Laurier (1-0): W 46-7 at York. All I need to do here is copy a line from the York release: "Later in the quarter, the Lions, deep in their own end zone yet again, would concede another safety."

    Also, here are the margins in the Week 1 OUA games: 33, 39, 27, 24, 64. I do hope, for the sake of those who follow it more closely than I do, that the average comes down from its current 37 points soon.
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  1. Strategy for Mac yesterday seemed to be 'if we score any points, we're good.' It really seemed like a much wider margin than it was, mainly thanks to the total ineptitude of the tricolour offence. Hard to come to any conclusions heading to next week's UWO-Mac showdown.

  2. Yep. The offence was also that bad in 2006, Steely Dan's sophomore season. Now you know the rest of the story. I can't comment generally since I was covering hockey. Will see the Big Yellow Guys against the Gee-Gees on Saturday.

  3. At the risk of sounding like a homer--Go Stangs Go--let me place my name among the many who will come to say that Tyler Varga could actually be 'more' than the hype that already surrounds him.

    The most amazing six carries I have ever seen; without a word of overstating the spectacle.


  4. The way Waterloo's DLine was manhandled several WEstern RB's could have scored TD's....oh wait, 4 did.

    This week should be a better test for Western.

  5. Have to think the line on Varga is somewhere between the last two posts. He looked awesome, but Waterloo's line hardly provided a test. Mac's D-line is experienced and had two all-stars last year, so if and when Varga rips through him we'll have a better idea of how good he really is.