CIS Pick'Em - Week 4

Four of the five experts are tied with 18 picks – will this be a swing week? We’ll see! King is two picks back and Daum came late to the party - but it's still early with lots more football to go as we enter the middle part of the season.

Contributors: Jared Book, Perry King, Mike Grobe, Mike Radoslav, Neate Sager.

Sherbrooke @ Concordia (Sept. 23; 7pm EDT)
Sherbrooke has one of the worst running defences in Quebec and Concordia has one of the best running attacks. How that battle goes will go a long way. Sherbrooke's passing attack is incredible with Ismael Bamba and Simon Charbonneau Campeau. It will be a tough task for Concordia cornerbacks Nathan Taylor and Kris Robertson to stop them. These two teams are probably closer than Top 10 voters would like to think and Friday's game will be close.

Book’s Pick: 32-25 Sherbrooke

Saint Mary’s vs. Mount Allison (Sept. 24; 1 p.m. ADT)
The Mounties have a reason to circle this game on their calendar. The Huskies thumped them 54–14 on Sept. 9, and you have to know the Mounties want some revenge. They also need the boost; they have allowed 90 points in two football games this regular season. We’re confident those numbers can improve, but only marginally.

King’s Pick: 36–21 Saint Mary’s

Toronto @ Ottawa (Sept. 24 @ 1pm EDT)
Both teams are 2-1 and no one needs a win bigger than Toronto this week to stay alive in the OUA playoff hunt. Following Saturday’s contest the Blues will face Queen’s McMaster, Western and Waterloo and a “W” at Frank Clair should make a playoff berth achievable. Toronto’s weakness is on the ground and, unfortunately for the Blues, Ottawa brings the third best running game in the nation to the table. Running back Brendan Gillanders will be Ottawa’s main key to winning this game. Toronto’s got it in them to upset the Gee-Gees but it won’t come Saturday.

Grobe’s pick: 22-9 Ottawa

Regina @ Alberta (Sept. 24 @ 1pm MDT)
One of these two winless squads is going to pick up their first victory, and without Marc Mueller or Dylan Hart at QB it won't be Regina. The Bears will be able to plan to stop Adrian Charles at RB, and that will leave the Rams without enough offence.

Daum’s pick: 24-14 Alberta

Manitoba @ UBC (Sept. 24; 2pm PDT)
A showdown of this season's surprise teams. Manitoba’s defence played well against the Huskies last week and they’ll have to stay on for Billy “Mr. Top 10” Greene. As the nations’ fourth-ranked passer and ninth-ranked rusher, Greene can steal games. Both teams have had similar results but the Bisons will have to shut down a potent Thunderbirds offence this week to win on this long road trip.

Radoslav’s pick: 32-28 UBC

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