Voting on the top 10 (or 4 or 5...) Queen's moments from the past year

Queen's (both the Journal and the athletics department) have put together a list of top 10 moments from the 2010-11 year.

"Winning the Vanier Cup" isn't an option (yeah, I went there), but there are other great moments worth a vote, like the longest hockey game in 349 years or something like that, Sam Sabourin's rookie of the year award, winning the women's soccer championship, and "women's basketball beats RMC." (Okay, fine, it's actually "Women's Basketball wins final four games to qualify for playoffs." But they ended with RMC and ... I don't think that one's going to win.)

I'm pointing all 16 of our readers to this not because we're super-favourable toward Queen's (am I ever not). Rather, I was asked nicely, and I'm happy to oblige. Hopefully other schools are doing a similar thing -- and maybe some of you know of some of those schools, hint-hint -- because it's a) fun and b) easy content for that end-of-term campus sports section that nobody really wants to put out after all the teams stopped playing six weeks ago.

If I can bring myself to vote on anything resembling a memorable moment for Queen's University, so can you. The ballot's here.
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