Women's hockey: 167:14

The time of game should say it all.

Courtesy SSN, some highlights of last night's (and this morning's) Game 1 of the OUA finals between Queen's and Guelph:

Not having realized the game was in progress until halfway through the sixth overtime period, I have little insight to add. And since it ended at 12:50 local time, there was little coverage of it in the next day's (same day's?) papers, at least not without clunky ledes. So we'll have to scrounge to find some detail.

Here is a brief postgame interview with winning-goal scorer Morgan McHaffie, who probably just wants to get to bed already:

The obvious question of "is this the longest game" ever appears to be answered with "no." Apparently there was a longer game in the NHL in 1936. It is longer than any CIS or NCAA game, including the 121:53 game played between UNB and Acadia less than two weeks ago.

Our Neate Sager also wrote on it for Yahoo!, arguing that fiction is dead the word "epic" should now be retired.

Justin Dunk, sports editor at the Ontarion, called the play-by-play all night, and got a shout-out from Elliotte Friedman (who then confirmed that the answer to the question "how do you know someone went to Western?" is "they'll tell you!").

And finally here is the scoresheet, where you can see that another five seconds meant this wouldn't have gone to one OT, let alone six: Becky Conroy (with an assist to McHaffie) scored at 59:55, presumably with an extra attacker but the concept of plus-minus has not made its way to the OUA yet so we don't know who was on the ice.
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  1. I thought of the "who needs fiction" line, Rob, but everyone knows Monty Mosher made that his own permanently. It was after the 2003 AUS football semi where St. FX, led by their backup QB, scored 21 unanswered in the fourth quarter to beat Acadia 30-28.