Bracketology: Under the wire...

The actual seedings will be released later today. For now, here are our panel's final guesses at what the field will look like five days from now:

Needless to say nobody had the Acadia Axemen in this one.

Their OT win put them in the Final 8 and, it would appear, knocked out Cape Breton, a consensus top-4 pick here last week.

(Click here if your browser doesn't display the image properly.)
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  1. Andrew: I think there is a 0.01% chance of UBC, Carleton, and Saskatchewan being placed in the same half of the draw.

  2. Quite possible, Vic, and most of the other guys would seem to agree. I just don't like the idea of giving Carleton a #2 seed and Lakehead a #4 after that OUA final; in my mind, the playoffs should count for more than the polls (which is why I have conference champions Lakehead and Dalhousie much higher than their poll standings would indicate). We'll see what happens, though.

  3. Lakehead 2, Dal 3, Carleton 4, and Saskatchewan 5.

    Who has kidnapped Andrew's common sense?

    Barring silliness, Dale and Neate have nailed it.

  4. UBC has the seedings posted:

    1. UBC
    2. Carleton
    3. Saskatchewan
    4. Lakehead
    5. Trinity Western
    6. Dalhousie
    7. Concordia
    8. Acadia

  5. Wacyk also has them up. Looks like Dale nailed it like a split hog!