Hockey: University Cup Seedings & Schedule Announced

A release just out from the CIS has the seedings and game schedules for next week's University Cup in Fredericton. No surprises. Since they had to put one team from each conference in each pool, AUS runner-up StFX got the #5 seed in the host spot and Canada West runner-up Calgary got the #6 seed in the wild card spot.

UNB as host had the option to play their first game Thursday or Friday evening, and the team decided back when they received the hosting rights that they would start on Thursday in order to avoid three games in three nights. With StFX playing Thursday afternoon there should be lots of fan excitement to start the tournament.


1. UNB Varsity Reds (AUS champions: 23-5-0 regular season / 6-3 playoffs)

2. McGill Redmen (OUA champions: 24-2-2 regular season / 7-1 playoffs)

3. Alberta Golden Bears (Canada West champions: 19-6-3 regular season / 4-0 playoffs)

4. Western Ontario Mustangs (OUA finalists: 20-3-5 regular season / 6-2 playoffs)

5. StFX X-Men (AUS finalists: 17-10-1 regular season / 7-5 playoffs)

6. Calgary Dinos (Canada West finalists: 17-8-3 regular season / 2-3 playoffs)

Pool A
1. UNB
4. Western
6. Calgary

Pool B
2. McGill
3. Alberta
5. StFX


Wednesday, March 23
12:45: Meet The Coaches Media Conference (Aitken University Centre)
19:00: All-Canadian Awards Ceremony (The Playhouse)

Thursday, March 24
14:00: Pool B #1: StFX vs. McGill (SSN Canada webcast)
19:00: Pool A #1: Calgary vs. UNB (SSN Canada webcast)

Friday, March 25
14:00: Pool B #2: Loser Pool B #1 vs. Alberta (SSN Canada webcast)
19:00: Pool A #2: Loser Pool A #1 vs. Western (SSN Canada webcast)

Saturday, March 26
14:30: Pool B #3: Winner Pool B #1 vs. Alberta (Rogers Sportsnet / SSN Canada webcast)
19:30: Pool A #3: Winner Pool A #1 vs. Western (Rogers Sportsnet / SSN Canada webcast)

Sunday, March 27
20:00: University Cup Final (Rogers Sportsnet / SSN Canada webcast)

* Not mentioned in the CIS schedule is that will be audiocasting all seven games as well.
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  3. I'd blame the SMU Men's Hockey Team. If they made the AUS Finals, they probably would have had 2 more home games. At 4,500 fans a game, they could have generated enough revenue to cover the woman's team for another year.

  4. Afraid not. As I understand it SMU's deal with the Halifax Forum is that the gate revenue goes to the Forum, not the Huskies. Maybe there is some revenue sharing, which I would hope is the case for SMU's sake.

  5. I hope both of you radio guys can ignore who is asking you and please follow @SMUWomensHockey on Twitter to show your support. Thank you both.