Linking the country: Time for some easy OUA jokes


  • Growing pains are inevitable for any coach new to the CIS level, and it sounds like Guelph's exhibition against Concordia brought some of that necessary pain to Stu Lang. (Guelph Mercury)

  • There's competition in the Huskies' camp, according to Brian Towriss, who "sees it as 28 players trying for 24 spots, with another dozen travel jobs to fill." Two of those players are QBs Parker Siemens and Trent Peterson, both wanting to be the backup in Saskatoon. Well, they probably want to start, but you know what I mean. (The Star-Phoenix)

  • Radical changes at UBC, as Shawn Olson has made players run sprints if they don't hustle enough! Oh, you laugh, but according to running back Dave Boyd, "In the past we've been able to get away with it. The coaches threatened that they would run you, but there was no consequence." (The Province)

  • The talk is now a half-season lost for Nathan Riva, and with a less experienced quarterback than the Mustangs are used to, might the Western offence prominently feature backs Ben Roberts and Kenny Eansor in the early going? (London Free Press)

  • Western and Saskatchewan played an exhibition game of negligible import. The Huskies' Laurence Nixon didn't play much, but still managed 10 yards per attempt. If you're keeping score at home, it was 40 to 12 for the Dogs. (The Star-Phoenix)

  • And McGill beat Toronto 40 to 17, with the Blues having, according to the stats, 13 minutes of possession in the second quarter yet somehow not scoring. As Neate pointed out, OUA teams have now lost out-of-conference exhibition games by 41, 17, 28, and 23...and York hasn't finished losing to Laval yet! (59-0 at the half, last I heard.)

  • The AlwaysOUA Question Mark Watch sits at two, but the newly-christened AlwaysOUA Convoluted Lede Watch has its first hit. Here's their Ottawa preview. Keep going back for the rest of the series to save me some linkin' time. (AlwaysOUA)

  • David Grossman talks to Michael Faulds about his new job, running the offence at York. The picture of Faulds with QB Nick Coutu is rather apt. Coutu's numbers have been...well, not to have a go at him, but they've been horrid, frankly. There's no good way to spin a 33% completion rate (2009), or zero touchdowns vs. eight INTs (2008). Even if York's entire team is so bad that no quarterback can stand a chance, and it's therefore not Coutu's fault, having Faulds spend hours watching video with him can only help. (Toronto Star)

  • Who wants to track the prognostications of the Golden Bears' O-lineman, Nick Ternovatsky? After Alberta allowed just three sacks in 2009, he says, "I think we can beat that." One sack per four games. Will they do it? Please, no wagering. Also Jerry Friesen gets "one game at a time," "all guns blazing," and "realize our potential" into a mere 600-word piece. Good show. (Edmonton Sun)
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