Linking the country: pigskin punctuation and potash jokes


  • The CIS coverage at the Windsor Star, especially in basketball, is among the best in the country. I say that because it's true, but also so I can feel better about making fun of a small part of their Sam Malian piece. They credited "one CIS blog" instead know, The CIS Blog...for the quotes they pulled from Luke's Windsor preview. Actually, the quotes aren't used properly--two of Luke's thoughts were reordered and fused together. And their sentence isn't actually complete. But other than that, fine work. (Windsor Star)

  • An always OUA blog has their Laurier preview up, and they get credit for not saying "down the road" or "across the street" to denote the action of physically transporting oneself between the Waterloo and Laurier campuses. The Hawks are the second of two teams in this preview series whose offensive line is a "giant question mark." Does that make punters the en dashes or em dashes? (AlwaysOUA)

  • Greg Marshall is looking forward to giving some of his players their first opportunity to be on a plane. Um, that is, to play an exhibition game against the Saskatchewan Huskies. It's part of the Mustangs' crazy early schedule, with four games in 16 days. Marshall advocates for a national interlocking schedule, a weekend where everyone (well, half the teams) travel and play opponents they've never played before. Fewer Western games against the OUA's second division is simply a bonus. (The Star-Phoenix)

  • Still with the Huskies, over at Huskie Football Outsider they have a Q&A posted with coaches Bart Arnold and Travis Serke, in advance of that exhibition game, held at Griffiths Stadium in RumouredForeignTakeover Park. (Huskie Football Outsider)

  • If you're wondering how today's Guelph-Concordia exhibition game went, well, it was 24-10 Stingers at the half and didn't get any closer, Guelph losing 40-23. Just in case you needed a reminder that this was an exhibition game, you'll read that the Gryphs "managed to achieve their goal of getting a lot of players into the game." (Guelph Mercury)

  • Jonathan Pierre-√Čtienne is back with the Carabins after a stopover with the B.C. Lions. (


  • Here's some news on Eric Neilson and former Varsity Red Darryl Boyce, who are both "fighting for positions in the professional hockey ranks after enduring injury-plagued 2009-10 seasons." Both men are 26, which makes it more difficult to climb the ladder than for someone straight out of junior, but they have AHL opportunities at the moment and possibly more. (The Daily Gleaner)

  • Missed this the first time around, but our Evan Daum has ranked the top 5 recruiting classes in men's hockey. Spoiler: the AUS does well. (South Campus Sports)
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