Football: Pollin' the readers...

UPDATE: Looks like we have definitive answers from our readers on three out of four conferences.

First, the conference without a clear winner: the OUA. To better assess who our readers think will win, we'll take out Toronto, Windsor, York, and Guelph: they had just around 10% of the vote combined, so it seems obvious that they weren't the favourites to win the conference. And since McMaster has the fewest votes of the remaining teams, we'll eliminate them as well.

So, now you have a chance to vote for one of four OUA teams: Laurier, Ottawa, Queen's, and Western.

Please cast your vote in the next few days.

We'll keep going until one team has a sufficiently high number of votes to be declared the predicted OUA winner.

The other conferences were "won" by Saskatchewan, Laval, and Saint Mary's. Complete vote totals are in the comments below.

(Originally posted Aug. 7.) It's August, which means it's time for our annual CIS football previews. In the next few weeks, we should have 25 previews written and published, hopefully for your enjoyment.

We did these here last year and the year before (at Out of Left Field), and with more contributors this year we should be good to go--not to mention that our job is 7.4% easier now with one school joining the NCAA and another school having a timeout in the corner.

But we'd also like to hear from our readers, which is why we're putting up some polls in the sidebar on the right. Just vote for whoever you think will win each conference, and once those results are in, we'll have three more polls for the semifinals and finals.

While most internet polls are absolute messes of response bias and voting bots, we shouldn't really have those problems here: our traffic isn't that high, and if you care enough about CIS football to have an opinion on who will win the Hardy Cup...well, you're probably already a regular visitor to the site anyway. (Or, at least, you should be.)

As of now there are only 11 votes in the Canada West poll, but I know we have at least 14 readers. So have at it, kids. (And please: no wagering.)
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  1. Hardy Cup poll (144 votes):
    Alberta 4 (2%)
    Calgary 52 (36%)
    Manitoba 2 (1%)
    Regina 4 (2%)
    Saskatchewan 80 (55%)
    UBC 2 (1%)

    Note: This one was pretty close, actually, until the last few days when the Huskies pulled ahead. Could this be the least-important example of ballot box stuffing in the history of internet polls?

    Yates Cup poll (145 votes)
    Guelph 8 (5%)
    Laurier 26 (17%)
    McMaster 18 (12%)
    Ottawa 31 (21%)
    Queen's 23 (15%)
    Toronto 1 (0%)
    Western 28 (19%)
    Windsor 3 (2%)
    York 7 (4%)

    Dunsmore Cup poll (103 votes):
    Bishop's 3 (2%)
    Concordia 3 (2%)
    Laval 80 (77%)
    McGill 6 (5%)
    Montreal 10 (9%)
    Sherbrooke 1 (0%)

    Jewett Trophy poll (94 votes):
    Acadia 7 (7%)
    Mount A 9 (9%)
    St. F-X 22 (23%)
    Saint Mary's 56 (59%)

  2. All 31 Gee-Gees fans voted!

    Will assume the Windsor and York votes were for jokers who meant to click "Waterloo."

  3. You've got your bowl matchup mixed up in your new voters' poll. The CanWest champion will be hosting St. Mary's (AUS champ) this fall. Laval will play the OUA champion.

  4. Good catch, Vic ... it's AUS @ CW in the Mitchell, OUA @ QUFL in the Uteck.

    Only the second time AUS has had to travel West; your Huskies beat the other Huskies in '04.

    Wouldn't it be ironic if St. FX finally wins this year and has to go that far to play ... it will be like 1985 when Carleton finally won a Dunsmore Cup and went all the way to Calgary.

  5. Yes, I must have looked at the wrong year. The real matchup, now that I have it up there, has been favourable to the home Huskies so far (40 to 13 over SMU).

    I'm afraid I have to boot Queen's out of the OUA poll now...I'd like to wait and get more votes, but I have two more OUA polls to do, and this is really just for fun anyway. So let's call it: Laurier 25, Ottawa 26, Queen's 14, Western 22.