Football: Promising reports on Giguère

"In general, Giguere is raw, but he's got the goods. The coaches ride him hard, and I think it's because they see something." — Stampede Blue
One educated guess here is that Samuel Giguère might end up on the Indianapolis Colts' developmental roster. He's a bit of a rough diamond compared to most pro football aspirants, but what little has been written about him during Indy's training camp has been positive. It's only logical a NFL team, if they believe he's worth the investment, would rather have him learning the American game and than running around up in Canada.

As previously noted, being in the Colts organization under GM Bill Polian, who was the architect of the 1990s Buffalo Bills dynasty, is very good karma for a wide receiver from Sherbrooke. The Bills always loved their small-school finds. Andre Reed (Kutztown St.), Don Beebe (Chadron St., a NAIA school in Nebraska), Mark Kelso (William & Mary), spring to mind. Hey, they even had a CIS guy, fullback Tim Tindale, the former Western star.

Coincidentally, Giguère's competition includes another receiver with a French name — Pierre Garcon (translated: Peter Boy). He's not from Québec — he's actually from Florida. With a name like that, he's a copy editor's dream. Stampede Blue is a good go-to site for Giguere updates. The Indianapolis Star's beat writer is also has his own site.

(One recurring theme on the former site is that Colts running back Kenton Keith, the former Saskatchewan Roughrider, hasn't exactly been a workout warrior so far in training camp. This will not shock 'Riders fans, but then again, they're still mad about his goal-line fumble in the 2004 Western final.)
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