Bisons want a new home on the range

Believe-it-when-you-see-it seems to be a prevailing attitude toward talk of a true football stadium for the Manitoba Bisons.

That being said, there might not be a team that deserves a better facility more, in terms of the program's accomplishments. All my knowledge of the U of M's stadium is second-hand, but it's hard to find anyone who hasn't complained about it.

U of M site for stadium raised (Bruce Owen, Winnipeg Free Press)
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  1. The article isn't talking about a stadium for the Bisons, it's talking about the soon-to-be-former Southwood Golf Course being used for the new Bombers' stadium.

    That said, one would hope that the U of M would get some use of it.

    I can tell you from first-hand experience that University Stadium is pretty grotty.

  2. I have yet to find anyone, including myself, that has anything good, or even decent, to say about the U of M stadium.
    As for the Bisons getting a chance to play at any (if it gets built) new Bombers stadium...two words - FAT CHANCE.