Football: Laurier honours Worden, goes back to basics

The Hawks' new football uniforms were inspired by former team captain Chris Worden, the RCMP constable who was gunned down in the line of duty in Hay River, N.W.T. last year.

" 'Chris e-mailed me two or three weeks before he was killed,' said Hawks head coach Gary Jeffries. "He said 'I saw you guys on TV. The uniforms look horrible. You've got to get new ones. They are all ripped.'

Worden made his thoughts known to his wife, Jodie, who later spearheaded a campaign to raise $12,000, or about half of the cost of replacement jerseys."
-- Kitchener Waterloo-Record
The Record included artists' sketches of the new uniforms (no helmet), so you can click through and judge for yourself. It's a touching story, you've got to admit.

Laurier will still have purple jerseys and pants at home, but it's a less busy look than what they sported the past two seasons. The uniforms "borrow elements" of Louisiana State, although oddly enough, the LSU Tigers are seldom seen in purple jerseys -- they wear white at home.

The all-white road uniforms somewhat resemble the old Minnesota Vikings look, minus any stripe on the pants. (The speed guys tend to love that all-white look; offensive linemen, not so much.)

Queen's is also unveiling new uniforms later today.
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