Football: Split CIS/CFL doubleheader mulled for B.C. Place

The Vancouver Province — which is definitely on the Heroes list for its university coverage — noted the other day that the Saskatchewan Huskies visit Simon Fraser on Sept. 13. There's a Roughriders-B.C. Lions game in Vancouver on the same day, so apparently a doubleheader for B.C. Place is being mulled.

It isn't something that happens often, a university and pro football game in the same stadium on the same day. In 2005, a doubleheader occurred in Hamilton — McMaster played rival Western in the afternoon at Ivor Wynne prior to a night game between the Tiger-Cats and Calgary Stampeders.

It also happened in 2002, but it wasn't planned — a few months before the season, some  Internet geek looked over the OUA and CFL schedules and saw that a Queen's-Ottawa Gee-Gees and Toronto-Ottawa game were each scheduled for the afternoon. 

The university game ended up being moved to the evening; the Ottawa teams lost both games.

(Hat tip to Robert Hilson on the Hamilton footnote.)
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1 comment:

  1. Sounds like a good plan to me... they'd probably get a much larger audience for the SFU game than normal if it was marketed as the first part of a doubleheader, as the Lions are pretty huge in Vancouver (especially before hockey gets going). A Huskies-Roughriders doubleheader would work especially well because there's always a large Saskatchewan contingent in town for Roughriders games who would probably be eager to watch another Prairies-Coast battle to get warmed up for the feature game.