Hockey: Mulling over a team for Nipissing

Northern Ontario has been off the OUA hockey map since Laurentian folded its program after the 1999-2000 season, but one commentator is suggesting that Nipissing, in North Bay, should give it a long look.

There's a feeling that Nipissing might have missed out on what Lakehead, who joined the league in '01-02, discovered.
"As Nipissing University continues to grow, exploring the establishment of a university hockey team is a reasonable progression. The successful Lakehead model is there to be emulated. With scholarship money available and OHL players looking to spend their education package and continue playing, the player pool is steady.

"A new health and physical education program at Nipissing is also a nice complement.

"Nipissing University is growing and the college and university will continue to fuel the city's growth. A hockey team might also reduce the disconnect between the campus and the core of the city."

McMaster has also talked about re-establishing hockey after being out of the game for about 20 years. Mac would be the 19th team in the league; there would be a need for a 20th in order to help with scheduling.

Peering into the future of North Bay hockey, perhaps (Ken Pagan, North Bay Nugget)
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