Hoops: From Burnaby to Bratislava

May-August are quiet months for Canadian university sports, but there are various ex-CIS names showing up on this or that national team, or in some professional capacity. One of those names is Jordan Mason, the All-Canadian guard who spent four years at SFU and one at Manitoba. And like most Canadians, Mason is spending his summer playing basketball in Slovakia.

He led his Extraliga team, which I hope I am referring to correctly as Nova Ves, with 23 points in their quarter-final-clinching win over Lucenec. They're now facing elimination in the semi-finals, down 2-1 in a best-of-five, so that may be as far as he gets in his rookie year.

Either way, it was a pretty successful first season by any standard: Mason joined a 27-17 playoff team, averaged about 26 minutes per game, finished with the fourth-most points on his team, and did various other things I can't translate. Congratulations to him.

(So we're all cheering against Inter Brat on Saturday, right?)
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  1. I don't know... Inter Brat is an awfully tasty-sounding name...

  2. Well, there goes my "brought out the wurst" pun. Mason et al. won 94-72. Fotogaléria here (Mason's #13 in this game, #12 in earlier ones, I think).

    If you look through other game photos, you'll confirm that some parts of the game are universal, like basketball coaches screaming nonstop on the sidelines, or shirtless drummers in the stands. In fact, the arenas are very university-like, in size and crowd, and this one reminds me of Laurier's home court (well, if the ceilings were lower and the fans behind the visiting bench rowdier).

  3. Haha, love the guy with the blonde afro... almost as good as Carlos Valderrama