Women's hockey: UNB players lose their ceremony, too

A pair of now-former Varsity Reds are not happy about another decision related to UNB's cutting of women's hockey.

In a letter published in The Gleaner (out of Frederiction), Sylvia Bryson and Elizabeth Arbeau give a wag of the finger to the university for un-inviting two players to the UNB Athletic Banquet because they are graduating later this year and not this semester.

Bryson, in her fourth year, and Arbeau, an alumna, point out that similar situations in previous years have resulted in invitations and full participation in ceremonies. The two players they write about, who still have eligibility left, miss out on this year's ceremony and will not be attending next year's because "both players have opted to complete their degrees as soon as possible" and have no reason "to stay at UNB an extra year."

The upshot is, as they write:
We have been stripped of our varsity status and now are denied recognition as a graduate of the athletic and academic programs that we have poured our hearts into.
What is there to add? Let's just call it another thumbs-down to UNB.

What else is left to take away? (Letter to The Gleaner)
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