Football: Moncton gets stadium cash

It's reasonable to wonder if the stadium Moncton is building for the 2010 world junior track and field championships might spark some talk of a second CIS football program in New Brunswick.

The 28,000-seat stadium is being built with an eye toward bringing a CFL team to the Maritimes -- wouldn't that put the boots to Halifax, which is always talking about about getting one -- but it's going to be on the Université de Moncton campus. Establishing football is not easy, but it removes a major barrier if the provincial government is building a stadium.

Moncton also seems to be a growing city and considering the number of francophones who've taken to football, there is potential for an Aigles Bleus football team. (UNB might also be interested, but since it doesn't value women's hockey, there's not much support for it from this corner.)

New stadium puts hopes for a CFL franchise on high (Dave Crase, Can West News Service)
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  1. There is a facebook group for "Universite de Moncton - Football CIS".

    If people would like to join and support the idea of getting another CIS team, please join the group here.