Media coverage: SFU's approach gets some love

Howard Tsumura has an in-depth look on how Simon Fraser SID Scott McLean and videographer Gareth Madoc-Jones are using online video to do a better job of storytelling.

McLean's efforts, starting a YouTube channel for Clan athletics, were mentioned in passing here late last summer in one of the first posts after Mr. Mirtle founded this blog. Tsumura actually does it justice.

In the OUA, McMaster took a step forward during this past school year, while the broadcasters at the Queen's campus stadium, CFRC 101.9 FM, took it upon themselves to post audio and video. There are, and there will be others next season -- there needs to be.

(That's some big talk coming from a guy who can't even figure out which end of the camera to look into. Snake Wilson also has some thoughts about marketing with respect to football.)

Simon Fraser's pioneering ways bring athletes up close and personal (Howard Tsumura, Vancouver Province)

No fear, broadband is here (Sept. 14, 2007)
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